Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Contractor the First Time

Before (Note how far from level the initial concrete pour from a competitor was)

As enticing as it can be to cut costs, it isn’t always the best option to go with the “cheap guys”. This particular customer learned that lesson the hard way. Choosing the right contractor for the job from the very beginning will save you money and countless headaches in the long run. Learn from their experience, which you can read in their own words below. To the left is a picture of what the original contractor left before we fixed it.


August 19, 2014

To Potential customers of Slate and Slate Construction:

We would like to share a few moments of your time to tell you about our story. We hired a different contractor to pour our 16×20 patio in April. The job was done very unprofessionally without proper equipment or knowledge. The concrete was poured unevenly, without protection of my house siding.  The pad was not compacted, nor the concrete sealed, and they left footprints throughout the patio in the concrete, just to name a few of the many problems with the pour.

We contacted Steve Christenson at Slate and Slate Construction after seeing his work at our neighbor’s house. He was so different from the first contractor. He was professional, helped with the assessment to send to the Contractor’s Board for reimbursement from the first contractor, and efficient. His goal throughout the project was to make us, the customers, happy.

Steve’s crew, headed by Tyler, came and tore out the old concrete and formed for the new concrete in one day, whereas the first contractor took six days to get ready to pour. On the pour day, they were done in four hours! The first crew took six hours, pouring less square footage, and no sealant, expansion joints, or walkways. Tyler reinforced the area for the hot tub with rebar and poured a six inch deep area for the tub, while the rest was a 4 inch pour.  Steve even poured a small sidewalk to our storage shed, so that my wife wouldn’t have unlevel changes to navigate, no charge! Steve plastic wrapped our house to prevent any concrete spattering; although they were so neat and methodical, there really wasn’t any splattering.

Steve’s crew went beyond our expectations to correct the mess left behind from the first contractor. They cleaned their concrete slag piles up, helped with removal of splattered concrete left on the house and hot tub walls, and never left any garbage or piles of wood and buckets of old concrete. Their purpose, as they told us time and again, was customer satisfaction. And we definitely are satisfied, even ecstatic with our new backyard!

We would not hesitate for a second to recommend Steve and his crews for any project, large or small. Our patio is beautiful now, and the care and commitment to detail was astounding. Don’t make the mistake we did, hiring the wrong contractor for the job. Hire Steve at Slate and Slate Construction first! You will not be sorry!

PS: Go for the stamping! It’s gorgeous!

Jack and Jeani West

Jefferson, Oregon