Ugly Concrete Stairway Restoration

Decorative Concrete Stairs

Decorative concrete stairs are a great way to revitalize your boring concrete stairs. We recommend having a professional Salem concrete contractor do your job.

We’ve all seen some ugly, neglected concrete stairs in our time, but concrete stairs don’t have to be ugly. If you hire the right Salem concrete company, your stairs can look like artwork! With advanced decorative concrete work, your stairway could look revitalized, and it could look like expensive stonework while carrying the lower price tag of concrete. Decorative concrete can make your stairway look like flagstone, slate, brick, or any other fancy stonework. With a wide variety of concrete stamps and stencils to choose from, in addition to the many staining options available, there are literally thousands of options for you to choose from.

Decorative concrete is best left to the professional Salem concrete contractors, but here is a rundown on how we revitalize ugly concrete stairs.

  1. We level and prepare the foundation, which we will lay your decorative concrete on.
  2. We prepare to lay the concrete, by laying out rebar for reinforcement if needed, properly mixing the concrete, and finally pouring the concrete into the forms.
  3. Next, we put surface hardener on the concrete in order to help fill the concrete’s natural pores and make the surface more durable.
  4. We apply a release agent, which helps prevent the mat from sticking when we start stamping.
  5. We then start stamping the concrete, ensuring each mat is placed closely to one another for pattern consistency. It’s important to tamp the mats down, but not with too much force, so as to avoid creating divots.
  6. Next, wait until the concrete sets, then clean the edges by chipping and sanding away any parts that stick out from the stamps.
  7. Finally, we seal the decorative concrete, which helps protect the sheen and color, while protecting the surface from dirt.

Doing decorative concrete yourself can be an expensive endeavor– from needing to rent or buy stamps/stencils to the costs of ripping out the concrete and starting over if you mess up. If you’re looking for decorative concrete stairs in Salem, give us a call and we’ll happily give you a free estimate.