It’s Time to Repair Your Concrete

Cracked Concrete Repair in Salem

After winter, it’s time to inspect and possibly make concrete repairs in Salem. The only way to know is to thoroughly inspect it.

With winter having come and gone, it is possible you’ve seen some damage to your concrete. If ice formed in any existing cracks, it could have expanded and widened those cracks. Not only are concrete cracks a sore spot aesthetically in your concrete driveway, patio, or other surface, but they can be a liability if they cause people to trip. Also, cracks that are left to grow are simply asking to become bigger problems. All of this can be prevented with some fairly simple concrete repair! As one of the top Salem concrete contractors, we can take care of these smaller issues before they become bigger ones, but we can also help repair the larger issues as well.

If there are very small concrete repairs to be made, consider doing it yourself by using a concrete filler or patching compound. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when you are attempting your own concrete repairs:

  • Very thoroughly clean the surface in need of repair. There should be no loose debris like gravel, sand, or other dirt.
  • Scrub the surface with a bristle brush
  • Pour the patch mix into the water, not vice versa, and mix it in completely. It should not be lumpy.
  • Lightly dampen the surface in need of repair with water. There should be no pooling.
  • Use a margin trowel to apply the mix to the damaged surface in layers. If there is cracking, for the first layer or two, press the mix into the crack and fill it completely.
  • Avoid walking on the repaired area for about a day, and do not drive on the area for a few days to a week to be on the safe side.

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