Our Services

Slate & Slate Construction is a top-rated Salem concrete contractor, providing a full range of concrete services.

Since 1992, Slate & Slate Construction has been building its reputation as a top-rated contractor. Recently, we have been designated in the top 1% of all Oregon contractors, not just Salem concrete contractors. With that said, we have come to offer a full spectrum of concrete services to our customers.

Concrete Repair in Salem

We offer concrete repair in Salem and surrounding areas. We will re-seal and fix minor concrete damage, but we will recommend replacement if the problems with your concrete slab are too severe to safely repair.

Concrete Replacement in Salem

If you have a concrete job that has gone bad, we will tear it out and start from scratch. This includes garage floor replacement, sidewalk replacement, and driveway replacement.

Decorative Concrete in Salem

We are one of few concrete companies in Salem that take pride in their decorative concrete skills. We do concrete stamping, staining, and brushing/brooming. Our decorative concrete work can actually add to the value of your home.

Concrete Driveways in Salem

We offer standard concrete driveways and decorative concrete driveways in Salem and surrounding areas. While asphalt is often cheaper, cheaper is not always better. Concrete stands up to Oregon’s weather much better than asphalt does, in our experience.

Concrete Sidewalks in Salem

In addition to laying concrete driveways, we lay concrete sidewalks. These can also be either a standard pour or decorative. Many of our customers choose to have decorative concrete walkways from their homes to their fire pits, gardens, or other notable features in their backyards.

Concrete Patios in Salem

If you want a nice spot in your yard to relax, we can’t blame you. We can lay a luxurious concrete patio in your backyard to give you a relaxing space to rest, grill out, or play games in the summer.

To see some of our Salem concrete work, take a look at our gallery.