How to Protect Your Beautiful Stamped Concrete

Clean and Protect Stamped Concrete in Salem

If you have beautifully decorative, stamped concrete in Salem, you need to protect it from Oregon’s climate.

Oregon’s climate isn’t always easy on stamped concrete surfaces, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the damage without a fight. Here is how you can protect your beautiful stamped concrete in Salem from rain, ice, and other natural wear and tear, from the perspective of one of the best Salem concrete companies.

If you have a new project, ask your concrete contractor to use a color hardener. This will help protect the natural color of your concrete job, and it will also make the surface itself stronger and more effective as a water barrier. Otherwise, keep up with general maintenance tasks, as you should with any concrete job. This includes sweeping occasionally, and pressure washing or scrubbing a couple of times per year.

If you live in a part of Oregon where ice is more prevalent in the winter, be cautious with using deicing salts. These often deteriorate the stamping effects on concrete much faster. There are deicers available that are easier on concrete. Look for deicers that don’t have salt in them if you must use deicer, but the safest bet is to not use deicer at all. Freeze/thaw cycles are a large part of what creates wear and tear in concrete, and using deicers increases the amount of freeze/thaw cycling on your concrete. Also, be diligent about sweeping the deicer off of your concrete surfaces after the ice is melted, if you choose to use deicer to begin with.

You can always reapply a new coat of sealer to restore some of the shine and color of the original concrete job if it starts to dull. Be sure to ask your concrete installer for a product recommendation, because they will know what will work best with your concrete job.

If your stamped concrete is indoors, consider waxing/polishing your concrete surface to give it an additional layer of protection from wear, dirt, and scratching.

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