Prepare Your Concrete for Winter

Winter can take a toll on concrete in Salem, so be sure you’ve prepared your concrete surfaces beforehand.

With winter coming up quickly, you’ll want to be sure your exterior concrete surfaces are prepared, in order to avoid any potential damage. Salem concrete contractors get a lot of business in the spring for concrete repair because homeowners aren’t diligent enough in taking care of their concrete during the winter.

Here’s how you can prepare you concrete for winter and protect your investment:

  • Keep your concrete clean. Clear off leaves, dirt, and other debris. If the weather is warm enough, you can pressure wash your concrete to give it a deep, thorough cleaning.
  • Fix small cracks in your concrete. If water sinks into cracks in your concrete surface and freezes, your concrete will suffer from the freeze-thaw cycle, which will expedite damage to your surface.
  • Apply a new coat of sealant. In addition to protecting your concrete surface from the freeze-thaw cycle, your sealant will make future cleanings easier and generally help prevent debris from filling cracks and becoming deeply embedded in your concrete surface.

Winter doesn’t have to mean your concrete will be damaged, but it is important to take preventative measures. If you’re looking for a qualified concrete contractor in Salem, give us a call today for a free concrete estimate.