Concrete Leaf Stain Removal

At the end of fall, it’s wise to remove leaf stains from your Salem concrete in order to prevent discoloration.

Fall is a refreshing, colorful time of year. If asked to list the best parts of the season, most people will bring up the beautiful foliage. Autumn leaves, however, can be inconvenient, in that they leave behind unsightly stains on concrete. Here are a few tips from your local Salem concrete specialists for removing those ugly marks from your walkways and driveways.

Scrub with Soap
For select problem areas, some non-aggressive dish soap and a scrub brush may do the trick. This strategy works best on lighter, smaller stains. It may not entirely remove discoloration from darker stains, but it should at the very least decrease the pigmentation of the stain.

Use a Pressure Washer
This works best immediately after leaves fall, before stains become too deep and dark. Pressure washers should effectively remove all but the most stubborn of stains, such as skid marks and oil stains–though even those can be removed at higher pressures.

Prepare Ahead of Time
To decrease your chance of having to deal with leaf stains, have your concrete walkways and driveways re-sealed regularly. Typically, it is recommended that concrete be re-sealed every three years or so, but this varies depending on the state of your concrete. We advise you to contact a trusted Salem concrete contractor to help you determine the most efficient plan for re-sealing your concrete.

Be Patient
If the leaf stains on your walkways and driveways are minor and not too bothersome, you may be able to get away with waiting it out. Though it will be a slow process, rest assured that time and weather should cause most stains to fade over time.

Contact a Professional
Should all else fail, we highly recommend that you contact a professional concrete contractor to help you remove stains and make any other repairs to your pathways and driveways.

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