Garage Floor Installation in Salem

Is your home 20-30 years old or more? Consider calling a Salem concrete company to inspect your garage floor. It might be time for a replacement.

When you finally get out of your car after work or errands, how often do you actually look down? Have you ever taken a moment to see what shape your garage floor is in? If your home is over 20-30 years old, it is likely that there is some wear-and-tear. Cracks can form, and concrete can shift over time, which can damage your vehicle or pose a trip-and-fall hazard to you and your family. Repairing or replacing a garage floor is also a great way to make the space feel cleaner and newer. Here are some things to consider when you’re thinking of having concrete work done in your garage.

When searching for a reputable concrete contractor in Salem, it’s critical to choose a company that is properly licensed and insured, with the experience needed to provide you with a quality service. One easy way to vet concrete contractors is to ask for references, then follow up with those before hiring a company. This small extra step can help you avoid trusting your garage floor to an inexperienced company, or a company that provides sub-par service.

Ask about the possibility of repair! In many cases, it is feasible to make repairs rather than fully replacing a garage floor. A Salem concrete contractor can evaluate the state of your current garage floor and advise you regarding the possibility and cost-effectiveness of repair versus replacement.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your home feel more modern and/or of higher quality, a garage floor is a great place to start. While often overlooked, updating your garage can significantly improve the overall feel of your property. Part of accomplishing this is simply being aware that there is more than one type of concrete! A quality concrete contractor can provide you with a variety of options for colors and finishes, and this can breathe new life into the space. It can create a stronger sense of cohesiveness with your home as a whole, or turn an old, boring garage floor into a statement, bringing an air of luxury.

When you’re thinking of repairing, replacing, or updating your garage floor, think Slate and Slate Construction! Please contact us to discuss your options and get a free estimate.