Fresh Looking Decorative Concrete for Spring

Decorative Concrete in Salem

Winter is harsh on concrete surfaces, which comes as no surprise to our readers. Salem concrete contractors become very busy fixing concrete issues caused by the winter months, in spring and summer. From cracks and spalling to discoloration and scaling, your concrete can start to look pretty bad after several harsh winters if not properly maintained. However, if your concrete has taken a beating, there is still a solution out there for you: decorative concrete. While decorative can, in some cases, be synonymous with fragile, that’s not the case for decorative concrete. Stamped and stained concrete are engineered to withstand tough conditions, while maintaining their natural beauty. After your concrete is stamped or stained, it is sealed, which reduces the porousness of your concrete surface and protects it from further freeze/thaw cycles. Combine this with the fact that decorative concrete in Salem can add serious value to your home, and you can see why Salem concrete stamping companies are in such high demand.

  • Concrete staining penetrates deep into your concrete surface, which ensures the color lasts and is resistant to fading or UV-damage.
  • Concrete sealing prevents harmful fluids from penetrating your decorative concrete and discoloring it, meaning you will be able to wipe off oil and grease that may spill from vehicles.
  • Stamped concrete allows you to place any logo, image, or decorative feature you can imagine right into your concrete surface. If you’re a business, this can be a unique way to brand your property.
  • Decorative concrete reduces the maintenance needs of your concrete surface– it just requires a gentle sweeping and washing every now and then to remove excess dirt and debris.
  • While decorative concrete can capture the look and feel of a stone and grout finish, your concrete surface is still concrete, so you won’t have to worry about loose stone or any plant growth between the “stones.”

This spring could be the perfect time to rejuvenate your concrete surfaces with a fresh look. Whether you’re looking for a brick, tile, wood plank, cobblestone, or slate look, decorative concrete can capture your desired look at a fraction of the price, and generally with more durability. Your creativity is the limit when it comes to decorative concrete, so if you have a resurfacing project in mind, you should call us today for a free decorative concrete estimate in Salem, or use the form to the right hand side of this page to get in touch with a decorative concrete expert.