Caring for Concrete with Snow

While Oregon isn’t known for its snow, we do see some every now and then. Here are some tips from your local Salem concrete contractors on caring for your concrete when it snows.

Though concrete is incredibly durable as a material, it does have a finite lifespan. It’s lifespan can be greatly increased by proper preventative care and maintenance. If you’ve noticed damage to your concrete surfaces, be sure to give Slate & Slate Construction, one of the best Salem concrete contractors, a call for a free quote.

This winter, we have already seen some snow in the Salem area, and who knows when we might see more. It has created slick conditions for driving and walking, and a natural instinct for home or business owners may be to pour salt out on their concrete surfaces to provide traction. Please do not use salt or other chemical de-icers on your concrete surface, as this will cause damage in time. Instead, use sand. Sand can provide the traction you need, and it is much less abrasive to your concrete surfaces.

Be sure to shovel, or otherwise remove snow and/or ice from your concrete surfaces as quickly as possible. This will help prevent damage from the freeze/thaw cycle, and will greatly extend the natural life of your concrete surface.

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