Ask Your Salem Concrete Company About Frost Heave

A good Salem concrete company will look for potential frost heave threats and work to mitigate the risks.

When watching a construction crew build a road, you might notice they dig very deep holes, sometimes as deep as 4′ before laying concrete. This is to remove soil that can cause a phenomenon known as frost heave. Frost heave is what happens when moisture in the soil below a concrete slab expands and causes the concrete to lift. This can add undue burden on the concrete, and can cause cracking after some time. It can also cause problems if the concrete is pushed up to create a tripping hazard. While this is often a much larger problem in the Midwest and the Northeastern United States, some areas in Oregon experience some frost heaving as well. This is one reason you might consider hiring an expert Salem concrete company over choosing to take on a DIY project.

While most residential projects are not dug out to avoid frost heave due to the cost, there are ways to help reduce frost heaving in areas that could become problematic. Our concrete experts can help identify these potential problem areas. It’s better to do things right the first time than to have to tear up concrete and replace it in the future due to unforeseen lift. If you’re feeling ambitious and still want to attempt a DIY concrete project, identify areas that could cause problems if the concrete slab were a couple inches higher. Frozen ground has been known to move concrete up more than a half a foot in some areas. If you identify a problem area and don’t want to dig deep to remove problem-causing soil, you can look into linear french drains for ideas on removing subsurface moisture.

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