4 Tips to Choosing the Best Salem Concrete Contractors

Choosing the best Salem concrete contractor is important. Concrete lasts a long time, which means your contractor’s mistakes do too.

Finding a high quality concrete contractor in Salem, Oregon can be difficult, but we’re hoping this post will help you narrow down your search. In addition to simply looking at reviews on Yelp, Google, and other consumer review sites, consider the following when looking for a Salem concrete contractor.

  1. Previous work
    Take a look at your contractor’s previous work, whether pictures or physically driving to their previous jobs to see their quality of work. You can also ask for a list of references to call to see how previous customers feel about the work the contractor did for them.
  2. Insurance and Licensed
    This is mandatory. If your contractor gets hurt at your home, or otherwise causes damage, you could be liable for the expenses if the contractor doesn’t have insurance. Be 100% certain you are working with an insured contractor. You also want to make sure you are working with a licensed contractor. If your Salem concrete contractor isn’t licensed, don’t work with them. It isn’t legal.
  3. Affordability, but with Quality
    Factor in not only the price, but the value. Quality vs. price. Also, consider if your contractor offers free financing options. This could help you get a small and easily afforded monthly payment.
  4. Experience
    Work with companies that have been established for years. These are companies that are generally far less likely to be fly-by-night, disappear if something goes wrong, or otherwise wrong you. These are companies that are generally more likely to honor warranties, guarantee the quality of their work, and do higher quality work in general.

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